Feel Limitless

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Are you ready to Feel ... Limitless! 

Limitless leaves you wanting for nothing and always going back for more.

I bet you're thinking - another G-Spot vibe that does everything except hit the right spot, no way babes! Unlike other internal/external vibrators, Feel Limitless is 100% customisable to your own shape and anatomy.She has a fully flexible core that holds the shape YOU design - genius!

She is perfectly sized and can be used in so many ways - as a clitoral sucker, G-Spot vibe, Cervix stimulation, a vibrating wand, internal, external, couples play, anal play, dual ended seperately controlled vibrations and vacuum - you make the rules here, Limitless is here for it! Some of our clients even report that Feel Limitless gave them their very first squirting experience, how good is that! ...Feel Limitless